How to choose style

Choosing the right curtains for you home can be a difficult task and takes some real powers of visualisation. Every room needs some form of window dressing, whether it be blinds or curtains, to provide security, privacy and lighting control, and the right sort can really make a room; the finishing touch if you like.


Curtain material can often be very expensive, but there are ways around paying premium rates for it. If you aren’t particularly worried about keeping up with the latest interior trends and changing you window dressing to fit with each season’s latest fashions, looking for end of season stock can save you huge amounts of money on material, without you having to compromise on quality.


Thanks to the internet, too, shopping online for curtains can save you money compared with buying them in a store. Overheads for online retailing are low; there is no ground rent for online stores to pay when they retail online, meaning they can pass these savings on to you, the consumer.

When choosing the kind of fabric you want, and the design, you need to consider the overall look of the room. Do you want your curtains to make a statement and provide a focal point for the room? If so, you could choose window dressing with big, bold prints or patterns. This works well if the rest of the room isn’t too ‘busy’, but you should avoid this look if there are many other bold patterns visible in the room, and the patterns will clash and the overall look will be messy rather than elegant.


You’ll also need to consider the practicalities of certain materials and styles of curtain. For example, is the window in question one that you will sometimes want to completely block out to create a dark room? If so, opt for heavy, lined curtains. The same advice applies for if you are keen to conserve heat in a room, if the window is particularly draughty for example.


You’ll also need to consider the style of curtains you want. The pencil pleat is very popular, which usually has a 3-inch heading (top) which allows 3 options for hooks. The gather of this type, when done correctly, will look crisp, and the dressing can be easily drawn.

Pinch pleat, or French pleat, is also popular and tends to be more expensive due to being hand-finished and more tailored to each individual window. Eyelet heading curtains give a modern look and look good when they are hung, but can be a bit more difficult to draw.


It’s vitally important that curtains are properly measured before you buy them so that they fit the window correctly. This is a very important factor and will ensure a professional finish to the new look of your room.