How to choose fabric

Curtains are the perfect way to dress up any room in your home, adding color and style to windows and giving you privacy at the same time. Each type of the many curtain fabrics available has its own benefits. Our tips on the best types of curtain fabric will help you to know which material is best for your windows.

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1. Lightweight fabric. Lightweight fabrics, such as lace, linen and sheer cotton, are good choices for curtains. Consider the decor of your home and how much light comes through your windows when you’re selecting lightweight fabric for sewing. Delicate lace, for example, goes best with antique and dressy decor while cotton is more versatile. Lightweight fabric also lets in quite a bit of light, so while it may not be best suited for use in a bedroom, it can do a lot to warm up a sitting room or kitchen that lacks natural light. Lightweight curtain fabric can also be layered over heavier fabric if you like the style but need more light protection.



2. Patterned fabric. Fabrics with patterns are great to use when making curtains. The styles of various decorative fabric prints can add a lot to your living room, bedroom or bathroom, particularly if other decor in these rooms is minimalistic. Patterned fabrics come in many different styles, from floral fashions and striped styles to plaid varieties and animal prints. Patterned fabrics are widely available to suit your curtain needs for any room in your home.



3. Medium-weight and heavyweight fabrics. If you need curtains that are highly functional and will keep out the cold and the light, then you might consider using a medium-weight or heavier fabric. Whether you want to sew formal, contemporary, cottage, country or traditional curtains, these fabric weights are perfect because they are versatile and practical. Medium-weight fabrics, such as cotton and canvas, come in many different varieties and can go with any home decor style. Heavyweight fabrics, such as suede, denim, tapestry, tweed and velvet, are used often in commercial curtains, such as those found in hotels. These heavyweight fabrics are also great for home use because they keep out maximum light and they will also help to keep the heat in during the winter. Medium-weight and heavyweight fabrics also add a lot of texture to a room and can be the focal point of a room’s decor, if desired.