Installation Tips

Before you dress up your windows with curtains or draperies, make sure that you properly install rods and brackets for your window coverings. Installing curtain rods is actually quite straight forward but if it’s your first time doing it you might benefit from having somebody help you out.



1. Determine if you want to mount your curtain rods on the window casing or on the wall. If you’re not attaching the curtain rod brackets to the wooden casing, a stud or a nailing block behind the wallboard, you’ll need to use hollow-wall anchors (see ‘How to Install Screws and Anchors in Walls’).



2. Hold up the rod to the wall or casing to determine the proper height. Place the brackets anywhere from 3 to 6 inches beyond the edge of the window, based on your personal preference.. Place a carpenter’s level over the rod to make sure the rod is level.


3. Mark the placement for the top of the brackets and the position of the bracket holes on the wall or casing in light pencil.


4. Drill pilot holes (shallow holes that will help you start the screws or anchors) into the pencil marks on the wall or casing.


5. Insert screws (usually provided by the manufacturer) or anchors through the bracket and attach them to the wall.


6. Position the curtain rod into the brackets.