Decoration Tips

2014-10-13   4,547

Having a landscape oil painting art or a framed wall art in your home or office will truly reflect your personality and taste. Home wall decor is an art by itself. People who are interested in interi…

Installation Tips

2014-10-13   4,299

Before you dress up your windows with curtains or draperies, make sure that you properly install rods and brackets for your window coverings. Installing curtain rods is actually quite straight forwar…

How to choose fabric

2014-10-13   4,396

Curtains are the perfect way to dress up any room in your home, adding color and style to windows and giving you privacy at the same time. Each type of the many curtain fabrics available has its own …

How to choose style

2014-10-13   5,064

Choosing the right curtains for you home can be a difficult task and takes some real powers of visualisation. Every room needs some form of window dressing, whether it be blinds or curtains, to provi…



Maintenance & Repairs