Decoration Tips

Having a landscape oil painting art or a framed wall art in your home or office will truly reflect your personality and taste. Home wall decor is an art by itself. People who are interested in interior designing have excellent decoration ideas to implement, be it in their home or office. There are several aspects to home wall decoration. You can make use of various themes and colors to decorate a particular environment. Homes usually have different kinds of modern and traditional themes while offices or commercial establishments make use of formal themes.


One of the most stylish and sophisticated ways of decorating is using different kinds of wall art decor or wall art painting. The paintings can come in various categories and styles. You can find paintings in different themes. Paintings which depict natural themes like nature, flowers, birds, wild life, scenes from daily life etc… are very popular among people who love art. They like to use these and other landscape oil paintings in almost all the rooms of their home or office. For example, if you have a modern decor in your home, you can easily find wall painting pictures with modern themes. Being versatile, it is almost easy to find these paintings in any theme you want.


Artists make use of different materials and paints to complete their piece of artwork. Most common type of paint used for wall paintings is oil paints. These days acrylic paints are also used. Another popular type of paint used on canvas is the water based oil paints. They are easier to use and easier to clean up than the oil paints which were used earlier. The difference between the two kinds of paints – oil and acrylic – which are used on canvas is that the acrylic paints dry much faster than the oil paints.


Original pieces of artwork by world famous artists are very expensive. They might cost a fortune and cannot be afforded by common man. So, people who are interested in using the famous oil paintings for home wall decor use either replicas or cheap imitations. However, you can be satisfied that you at least have the imitation of a world famous piece of artwork in your collection. While the original pieces of artwork are sold for huge prices, people now make use of the giclee to preserve famous artwork pieces. Giclee is the digital print of an artwork piece which can be used again and again for creating more copies.


People who are not able to spend huge amounts on canvas oil paintings can use cheap canvas paintings to create beautiful patterns on print canvas and use it as home wall decor or office wall decor. You can find beautiful and well known works of famous artists in a gallery. If you have a gallery in your locality you can check it out to have an idea about a particular type of paining or theme etc. Add a few wall paintings to your walls and see how it transforms the atmosphere.