PDI has been approved to produce cotton masks

In the face of the growing risk of the COVID-19 outbreak, both Dr.Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer and Dr.Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer proposed to wear a non-medical mask in order to lower the chance of contracting the disease. Wearing masks has now become mandatory for all airline passengers from April 20th onwards as per Transport Canada.

Perfect Decor hopes to make our own contributions to the community as each one of us fighting with the virus during this crisis period. Our team has created a non-medical cotton mask with the current resources, which has received manufacture permission from the City of Burnaby on April 15th. We thank the City for the great support.

Perfect Décor non-medical mask is made of 100% cotton, designed in three layers with soft fabric allowing fresh air.

1st layer: Cotton fabric with vivid patterns and colors, helpful in creating a good mood;

2nd layer: Soft liner fabric, comfortable and sensitive skin friendly;

3rd layer: Wear with a medical mask insert, might extend the use and duration of medical masks.

Our cotton mask also come with (1) nose clip (2) adjustable ear loops (3) different sizes. It can be washed, ironed low, and tumble-dried delicate. To use the cotton mask repetitively, simply wash and sanitize the cotton mask with medical mask insert removed by the end of the day. It is user-friendly, eco-friendly and certainly helps to save the medical ones for frontline healthcare workers. 

Perfect Décor had by far produced a number of cotton masks for sale and had donated part of the profit to the local hospital charity groups, as well as been in touch with local communities for mask donation. 


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